Membership Options

At Performance Training Center, we provide several levels of fitness commitment. Our low monthly rates can be combined with or without classes, and the infrequent or part-time visitor can pursue a package that suits their needs - from drop in rates to pre-paid memberships.


Long Term Memberships

12-Month Individual Membership

$57 / Month + $40 Initiation Fee

Our twelve-month contract provides complete versatility and access to the gym whenever we're open - from 5am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 7am-7pm on weekends.

12-Month Community Membership

$35 / Month + $40 Initiation Fee - Hourly Restrictions

A community membership offers the budget-conscious member an option to utilize the gym during off-peak hours, 9am-4pm every day. 




We provide a wide range of class types and times - from morning spin, to noon TRX, and afternoon HIIT - in order to bolster your options and add breadth to the gym experience. 


Short Term Memberships


Performance Training Center requires a 30-day notice to cancel your membership. If your contract has not been active for at least 12 months, a $250 Early Termination Fee will be billed to your account at the time the request is processed. If you are cancelling due to relocation, supporting documentation must accompany your cancellation request. Acceptable forms of documentation include new utility bill, recently issued drivers license, new lease agreement, letter from new employer, etc. Requests to cancel due to injury are evaluated on a case by case basis.