Membership Options

At Performance Training Center, we provide several levels of fitness commitment. Our low monthly rates can be combined with or without classes, and the infrequent or part-time visitor can pursue a package that suits their needs - from drop in rates to pre-paid memberships.


Long Term Memberships

12-Month Contract

$57 / Month + $30 Initiation Fee

Our twelve-month contract provides complete versatility and access to the gym whenever we're open - from 5am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 7am-7pm on weekends. 

Month-to-Month Contract

$60 / Month + $100 Initiation Fee

The month-to-month contract provides the same access as our twelve-month option with a slight premium for those that have commitment issues.

Community Membership

$35 / Month + $30 Initiation Fee - Hourly Restrictions

A community membership offers the budget-conscious member an option to utilize the gym during off-peak hours, 9am-4pm every day. 




We provide a wide range of class types and times - from morning spin, to noon TRX, and afternoon HIIT - in order to bolster your options and add breadth to the gym experience. 


À la carte

Drop In