Winter Sports Conditioning Challenge

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1st:  Gold  2nd: Silver  3rd: Bronze

Free for All Members

6 Week Program Starts October 9th!

All group classes are included for $20/mo (Recommended, not Mandatory)

Winter Sports Specific Classes Offered at: 

7am, 9:30am, 12:15pm, 5:30pm (see Schedule for which classes)

How to Win:

Sign Up 

Earn Raffle Tickets

Put Name on Ticket

Put Ticket Into Jar

More Tickets = More Chances to Win

How to Earn a Ticket:

Every Time You Come to the Gym (limit 1/day)

Every Group Class You Attend (limit 1/day and must be signed up for Group X)

Every Paid Personal Training Session (limit 1/day)

Every Social Media Post (limit 1/day)

@Performancetrainingcenter with #performancetruckee

See our the email for new ways to earn more tickets. 

You must ask for your ticket the same day.

Tickets will not be given for any previous day's participation.

Sign up at front desk or by emailing