Personal Training

In order to maximise results towards your fitness goals with a safe and efficient method, we provide access to Certified Personal Trainers that can develop a personalized program tailored to your lifestyle and interests.

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Our Programs

Whether you want to improve your body composition, enhance athletic performance, or gently ease back into exercise following injury or hiatus, we will get you on track to success.


We provide systematic programming based on your specific needs to achieve your fitness goals.  Everyone has a different training purpose so every program is developed to provide the safest and most efficient step-by-step process to reach individual peak performance.


Online Fitness Coaching

This is a new, low cost, method of personal training where the client and coach use new communication channels to develop, maintain, and progress through a personalized fitness regime.

Using our software on your phone, you are given customized workouts scheduled throughout the week and will receive notification of a new workout each day. The workout will be listed along with set specifics and a video of how to perform each exercise. All workouts are available via the calendar, and your coach is always ready to answer any questions.

Nutrition Coaching

The Nutrition Coaching program is designed to change habits one step at a time.  Together, we will work interactively to track your dietary intake to control what and when you're eating. There’s no diet and no restrictions - only the path to healthier eating options.  It will take stress off your body, shed unwanted fat, and supply you with enough energy to tackle those big days.

All via your phone, we will monitor eating habits and create an enjoyable meal plan that will achieve the results you want. From prep instructions to nutrient timing for maximum gym results, we can attain a healthier you. And, any questions or missteps can be immediately addressed with your coach.


Dave Jack

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